History of online casino

Online casinos have been around since the nineties. The history of online casinos beginning in the nineties. InterCasino was the first real virtual casino that opened in 1996 to the public. Not long afterwards followed many other casinos. These casinos actually walked to the legislation at that time for monitoring online casinos was almost non existent. In addition to great reliable online casinos appeared then quickly sorts of seedy casinos in which your deposit was definitely not safe and it did not take so closely with the – albeit limited – rules. Although it was by no means always clear how reliable an online casino really was, the market grew enormously and at breakneck speed. Worldwide played soon thousands of people at these internet casinos.

The growth of the online casino market

In the early years of the 21st century there were about 700 online casinos online in several different currencies. It is estimated that there are already some 8 million people in 2001 had once tried a form of online gambling. There rapidly were released more online gambling and the industry continued to grow fast even though there was more regulations to limit growth. Especially in the United States was almost desperate attempt to limit or even ban online casinos restricted. At first this did not work. The Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act was introduced in 2006. The result was that players in the US no longer allowed to gamble online. The online casinos thus lost the greater part of their market.

Dutch Online Casinos

Despite these setbacks, the market of online casinos continued to grow fast. More and more online casinos began to focus on niche markets in order to be as competitive and distinctive. For example the Dutch market has been an increasingly important market. More and more online casinos were focused with a full Dutch version for Dutch players. Famous Dutch casinos are Amsterdam Casino, Kroon Casino and Polder Casino. These casinos, with clear Dutch names, focus merely on the Dutch player and they will also come with bonuses, services and promotions that appeal to Dutch players.

The growth of these Dutch online casinos shows that there was a great demand in the Netherlands and there is a big market for these kind of providers of Dutch casino games, only the Dutch law does not allow targeting Dutch players (yet). According to recent research, almost a million Dutch gamble online and play online poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, scratch cards, etc. For a small country like the Netherlands, the demand for online casino games is big and this will, as in the rest of the world, only continue to grow.

Nowadays, the legislation for online casinos is very strict, especially in the Netherlands. This falls under the law on gambling which is enforced by the KSA (Chance Game Authorities). The government has to decide on opening up the market for gambling providers. When this will happen is uncertain, but there are plenty of providers that are ready to storm the Dutch market as soon as they have a license.

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